Island University Campus

The Impact of B/order Thinking in Architecture


In/Formation space is a research library and a campus center for the extension of the University
of Iceland. The Influences in this project are a special interest in Hans Scharoun and the
Philharmonic Hall in Berlin with its public function and the relation to the formal design solution
as spatial organization. The specific urban conditions are the natural recourses, topography,
direction of movement on site.

General questions are the future of educational and research institutions, the call for multi use
campus building integrating and articulating new levels of organizational interaction and notions
as fluid hybrid structure as result diverse user population. This creates a new kind of informal
communication on campus where boundaries begin to move and create new opportunities.

Architekturklasse der Städelschule, Dürerstrasse 10, 60596 Frankfurt am Main
Prof. Ben van Berkel
Prof. Johan Bettum